Ideally we help customize a quote to fit your needs.  We can quote the same coverage you have so you can compare apples to apples and provide options to improve coverage and/or save additional money.  There are multiple line, auto/home and package discounts available so the best scenario is give you a quote for all your items.  This strategy can assure you get the best rate and avoid gaps in coverage.

Please call us at 503-719-7620 and speak with one of our insurance experts.  You may also fill out our online form or use our online rater which will immediately email you an auto or home quote upon completion.

For online rating please double check your email address to assure the quote gets to you.  To get the best rate enter the adult in household with the best credit score in first position and make sure date of birth is accurate.

No consumer credit report will be run but an insurance score will be determined.  This has no effect on consumer credit score.  If you would like multiple options please email us for other deductible or coverage levels you want and we can email you the additional quotes.


Our goal is to provide the best and most responsive service to each of our clients customized to their specific needs and preferences.  We ideally begin with a complete review of current coverage, risks and exposure.  This review determines where there may be current gaps and missing discounts.  A foundation of coverage is determined along with coverage options.  We try to…

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