How can I monitor my teen’s driving habits when I am not with them?

You spend the hours in the passenger seat, white knuckles, sweaty palms, foot seeking out a brake pad that is not there.  Your heart races and you suppress the urge to grab the wheel and yell warnings to watch the myriad of potential dangers around every corner.  After all the advice, training and stress of being in the passenger seat the real stress may have just begun, now they drive on their own!  So how do you know if they are being safe while out on the road?  How do you continue those teachable moments ( near accidents?? ) now that you are not there?  There are several devices on the market that can be there when you cannot.  One that has worked well for one of clients is DriveCam by Lytx.  These devices run continuously but only record when an ‘event’ triggers the device.  That record is stored on the company site and an email, text and or actual telephone call, if the event is serious enough,  is made to the parent.  The most teachable event so far was an texting incident that resulted in a drift onto the shoulder of the road.  A moment that was very dangerous, scary when you watch it and definitely a teachable moment that needed to be addressed immediately.  This event did trigger a person from the company to call the parent since it was serious and allowed them to speak immediately and sternly with the young driver.  The result was positive and one that in the past would have gone completely unknown.  Check of their site and others that offer similar technology.  They are well worth the investment in keeping those young drivers safe and doing an immense amount to prevent injuries, damage and potentially tickets.  The potential savings and piece of mind for a parent make this a must do!

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